At Serendipity Design Corner, all party stationery and personalised bespoke gifts are made in-house with the focus on quality, detail and uniqueness.

Founded in 2014, Serendipity Design Corner started with personalised party stationery and branched out into personalised and meaningful gifts that are made with love for the ones you love. Personalisation and photos on gifts are totally my thing, I really do think about the recipient when creating and coming up with new ideas.

Serendipity Design Corner is predominately an online store located in Western Sydney.

You can also find us behind the scenes on Instagram @serendipitydesigncorner and on Facebook at /serendipitydesigncorner

I still work the 9am-5pm grind and dedicate every spare minute to my little business so I guess my story is still being written.

I am very thankful and appreciate each one of you, to support, trust and allow me to continue doing what I love. 

Much love

Chrystal xx